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"Fully invested" 

Liyan has been working with our daughter as her ACT prep tutor over the last year. We are very strong advocates for Liyan. She has an in depth understanding of our daughter's strengths and development areas and is highly collaborative and focused in the way she works with our daughter. A testament to Liyan is that a few months ago our daughter expressed the desire to try in person tutoring with a nationally recognized tutoring organization in Chicago. However after 6 sessions, she opted to switch back to Liyan as she recognized the significant difference in how she was being tutored by Liyan, who was fully invested in our daughter's development and success vs the tutoring organization where the relationship was more transactional.

We recommend Liyan highly and would gladly serve as a reference.

- Proud Parent

ACT Prep

Chicago, IL

"Genuinely wants her students to excel" 

Since the first lesson, Liyan was very professional and comfortable to work with. She is the type of mentor who genuinely wants her students to excel with the best of their capabilities. All of my lessons have been online and it was never a struggle to work with her. It always felt as if we were interacting face to face and I continue to see the progress I've made with whatever topic we cover.

- Pratt M. Arch Student

GRE Prep, Grad School Application, Architecture

New York, NY

"Kind, patient, and accommodating" 

Liyan is a great tutor. She is very kind, patient, and accommodating. We worked together on GRE prep. After working with Liyan for 3 months, I was able to successfully improve my GRE overall score. I also worked with her on grad school application essay writing. Liyan helped with brainstorming ideas, organizing thoughts, and peer editing. All which helped with improving my writing skills and producing great essays. Highly recommend.

- Ren

GRE Prep

Honolulu, HI

"Great teacher and mentor" 

Ms. Liyan was an invaluable part of Sophie's journey through the private school application process.  We appreciated how she took the time to meet with us first to make sure our goals were aligned. Then she provided us with a concrete plan about how much time it would take for her to improve on her SSAT scores. Who knew that in order for a 5th grader to do well on the SSAT they would need to know up to 7th grade math?! Through Ms. Liyan's help, Sophie was able to raise her scores by 140% and was able to have a choice which school she wanted to attend. That was an unexpected and exciting gift for her!  We are grateful to Ms. Liyan not only for the help she provided in raising her SSAT scores, but especially because she was a great teacher and mentor for Sophie.  I think every parent knows that a teacher your child trusts and believes in can make all the difference in how they learn and their willingness to put in the extra effort.  Thank you Ms Liyan!  

- Sophie's Mom


Honolulu, HI

"Gain control and confidence" 

Liyan has been a tremendous help in my architecture lessons. As an undergrad with no previous knowledge or experience in the field, Liyan made my transition and time very comfortable, exciting, and worthwhile. Within a few weeks, I was able to excel in various skill sets and gain control and confidence in my architectural pursuits. Liyan has helped with various skills such as concept development, drawing, rendering, and post-production. I cannot thank Liyan enough!

- UCLA B. Arch Student


Los Angeles, CA

"Opened my eyes" 

I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the engineering end of doing full renovations. Liyan opened my eyes to the structural, plumbing alternatives and fire code rules. The hour was intense learning and I am very grateful I reached out to Liyan. Plus additionally she is so professional, we were well prepped for the appointment with emails before and even additional information sent to me after the class that was very helpful. Thank you!

- Gabrielle


New York, NY

"Sincerity and dedication" 

My 12 year old son has worked with Liyan for 2 years. During that time she has coached him on his emotional awareness, in addition to teaching him math and reading skills in preparation for the SSATs. I have referred to her as his mentor rather than his tutor. Since then, he can more readily prepare for challenges such as taking difficult exams and moving to a new school.


Liyan has a way of communicating with my son so that he remains engaged and receptive to things she would like to teach him. I appreciate her sincerity and dedication with my son. She has been an asset to his development and I value her feedback after her sessions with him.


Thank you for all of your help!

- Brady's Mom

SSAT Prep and Emotional Wellness

Honolulu, HI

"Amazing mentor"

Liyan is an amazing mentor! Her passion and dedication are invaluable and evident in her work. She was very instrumental in helping my granddaughter who had trust issues feel safe and comfortable to share her traumatic experiences by their second meeting. Liyan taught her breathing exercises, meditation tips, and coping skills to begin her journey in self-healing.   

- Mia's Grandmother

Emotional Wellness Coaching


"Gain control and confidence" 

Liyan has a wide range of expertise and skills. She is very patient and explains concepts in ways that I could relate to. Liyan's attention to detail and great teaching style helped me to understand how to get the most out of software that our business uses. I would highly recommend her and we will be using her again for her tutoring services. Thank you Liyan!!!

- Kama, Lehua Environmental


Kamuela, HI

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